Atelier Service

A bit of the Old World in your world 

At Kaufmann de Suisse, we want you to enjoy every aspect of your jewelry to the fullest.  So, as our customers have been discovering since 1954, when you make a purchase from the Kaufmann de Suisse family, you become part of that family, and we place all of our considerable resources and services at your disposal. It is our distinct pleasure to serve you in a courteous, prompt and efficient manner in the time-honoured Swiss tradition.

Remodelling services

Have a family heirloom you adore but never seem to wear? It will be our pleasure to remodel, redesign and update pieces so you can get the very most out of them, or make any changes you request to jewels you may have purchased here. For clients who wish to upgrade to a larger diamond, your existing one can be traded in at the full retail price you paid. At Kaufmann de Suisse, we delight in creating – or recreating –  the perfect piece for your unique personality.

Gemmological laboratory

Kaufmann de Suisse salons employ Gemological Institute of America certified gemmologists working in our American Gem Society approved gemmological labs to guarantee the quality of diamonds and precious gems purchased for you. Our rigorous standards for diamond grading and decades of expertise ensure that every gem we set is the absolute finest. We can source diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality for custom orders, analyzing them in-house to confirm the quality indicated on each stone’s grading certificate, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.